The End of the Beginning


It’s done.  We’ve all had our first full week away from training, first weekend home and are looking towards having a second weekend without training as the end game.

It feels weird.  That last weekend of training was quite emotional for a lot of us (myself included) – it’s been a real journey and man we were blessed with the group we had.  The core of us were quite diverse; age wise, career wise, Yoga knowledge wise, character wise – the whole shebang.  But we were accepting of all and truly did back each other to do well.

And now it’s done.  We are cast loose to continue in whichever way we choose.  Some of us are already planning how to get teaching – I’m enrolled in a Teen Yoga/Mindfulness course which will take me through to the end of the year.  Some are uncertain if they will teach at all at this stage but know that this course has opened the door to more learning and appreciation of what Yoga offers.

The training really does inspire and I believe that’s what it’s about.  Yes, we need to ensure we have anatomy, physiology and asana knowledge (which we got).   Yes, we need to cover the philosophy, history and teachings of Yoga (which we did).  But when the training covers all the necessary and leaves you feeling that you want/need to learn more, to keep going, keep learning – that I think is the definition of good teaching.

Now to refine my own offerings as a teacher, find venues, students and ways of passing on the message – Yoga is great for your body, mind and soul.  It will enhance your life, help you find peace, help you live in the moment and provide tools to do so.  The science is out on this as well. Enough studies have been done now to conclude that even short meditations have a cumulatively significant impact on your mental and physical health.  Lowering your heart rate, suppressing the flight response and generally easing anxiety.  The article link here (one of many available) articulates well the studies that show Yoga techniques increase the neuroplasticity of our brains, help improve mental and behavioural flexibility, keep our bodies active and aware.

My interest in teaching extends beyond the Teen/Young Adult teaching that I am hoping to kick start in the next few months.  Moving into Yoga Nidra, iRest, Restorative, whole body dynamics, Yoga for your body.  That is where I hope to take and expand my knowledge and teaching.  And I know I’ve signed on with a teaching school and group of teachers and practitioners who live and breath this daily.  It is all good and it is all slowly but surely coming to fruition.


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