Now What?

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Another weekend with our amazing training group has been and gone, and for me it was a more challenging one.  Teachers and content fabulous as usual, but for me some stuff arose, and I guess that’s what makes us who we are.  Stuff comes up, we look at it, react, and deal with it as best we know how and move on.  Or if not move on completely, try not to sit with it for too long, and then keep moving.  Because when it comes to it – we face things the way we know how – and I know very few people who do anything with bad, or deliberate intent to hurt or injure either themselves or anyone else.  And, once you begin stepping onto the mat, your body not only thanks you for the physical, it welcomes the experiential and the awakening mind.  You change; slightly, dramatically, lovingly, but you do change.  That is why I feel better stepping off the mat after a practice (whatever form that may have taken), than when I stepped on.

Intention begets action begets joy in the doing.

I truly believe we are all fine but that we may, over the course of our lives, pick up a bit, or a lot of luggage along the way.  At times I’ve felt like I’m carrying a suite of Louis Vuitton and lots of it; some of it pretty, some of it ugly, but most of it unnecessary for me to travel with.  And I’ve spent decades offloading it, unpacking it, repacking it, tossing some to the side, carrying some in my bones and just leaving some by the side of the road.  It’s exhausting – as my son would say “too much admin Mum” … yep, too much admin.  So what’s the answer?

I don’t have one – other than to say – we’re ok, we’re human, we try, we fail, we look for answers to questions, we learn, we practice, we love, we live, we continue.  It’s a hell of a journey… and thankfully the majority of us continue to see a tomorrow coming that has so much potential to bring joy, love and purpose.

Balance, I’ve been thinking about this also, and what that would look like in both Yoga, and in our general daily lives.  In Yoga there are poses that require a degree of balance to sustain them, Tree Pose for example.  But trees are never completely stationary or balanced, they don’t stand solidly unmoving, stoically standing sentry over the forest.  They arise from strong roots, build a sturdy trunk, but move in the wind; they bend, wave their branches, react to their environment.  But still they stand, a strong, living, breathing, dynamic, moving thing of beauty.  Just like us.


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