Half way : apprehension and fear

person rolling green gym mat

Strange title.  But yes, once this coming weekend is done and dusted we’ll all be just over half way through our Yoga Teacher Training (YTT).  To say I’m loving the journey would be quite the understatement, to say I’m incredibly apprehensive about the ‘what next’ would not.

Each weekend we spend at our training is intense; full-on, restful, gratitude inducing and magical.  I leave each Sunday night for the 3-hour drive home just meditating (eyes open – I’m driving folks) and ruminating on the events of the past 2 days.  That drive is quite a good thing to do, I’m alone with my thoughts, heading home to my safe place, and able to just think quietly on what we’ve all just covered.  And we cover a lot.  It’s one thing to say “I love Yoga and I want to share it with the world” in a vaguely egoistic way, and completely another to gain the insight, intuitiveness, humility and knowledge to be able to do so.  Thankfully I chose a great YTT to begin the teaching journey with.  And I am becoming increasingly aware that this is just the start, the beginning of what has already been a decades long process for me.  Truly a life journey this thing.

Currently my biggest struggle has been with learning the anatomy and structure of the body and its movement patterns; why, how, and what bits do what to other bits to make this beautiful structure of ours move, heal and just Be.  Science is continuing to prove links with our enteric nervous system (our gut/intestines), the brain and the rest of our body.  Yoga has been banging on about this for centuries.  Apologies for sudden lack of humility there 😊.   And the latest buzz word – fascia – love that word.  My Pilates teacher (one of the best on the planet in my opinion) loves fascia, at the last YTT weekend we spent a solid couple of hours on recent discoveries re: fascia and its importance.  I attended an exercise conference this week and a part of that was on fascia and our need to move it, treat it and generally be mindful of it.  So once again Yoga – ahead of if not bang on the game, and that is just the physical side (asana) of Yoga as well.  By introducing the other limbs of Yoga into your life you can realistically move to a more rounded, fulfilled, joyful life.

So – am learning a lot and starting to teach some classes to friends and whanau (family) members who are willing to let me practice on them.  Apprehension and fear?  Yes that is there, but as I stumble through this I really, really hope I can eventually guide people to their own realisation that by doing this wee thing we call Yoga, even if it is initially just the physical side of it, you will feel infinitely better within yourself.  Enough to maybe get into your own home practice and find your own path to take.  Naturally with a little ongoing input and support from your soon to be (fingers crossed) certified Yoga teacher over here.


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