Yoga Sutras : Book Two # 33


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Vitarka badhane pratipaksa bhavanam*

“when disturbed by negative thoughts, opposite (positive) ones should be thought of.  This is pratipaksa bhavana” *

It’s been quite a while since I wrote anything in this blog – and with good reason.  I went straight from my 200hr Teacher Training into the online training with TeenYoga based in the UK.  This entailed a further 100hrs of training – all online; via webinars, tutorials and lots of reading, writing, planning and thinking.  My brain is full. Good full, but it’s full.

The TeenYoga training (created by Charlotta Martinus is fantastic, and I have been so blessed to have found teachers and mentors this year who through just being who they are, inspire, motivate and ensure you have an ongoing desire to learn.

Now it’s time to plan and enter the fray.  I need to find ways to get this teaching out there; grow myself as a teacher, and hopefully inspire students to want to grow their own practice – keeping me as part of that growth.  Bit of an ask.

And this week I felt a bit down about it all.  Most of my friends and family have been incredibly supportive of this journey I’m on, but some less so.  Conversations have been around – “Yoga not really being as good as other modalities of ‘exercise’.  Maybe I now even believe I’m too clever.  (“If they knew how the cogs churned and whirred they’d realise that is definitely NOT the case).  And – this is the doozy – “I’m not really that qualified though am I, and anyone can teach it can’t they?”

So regardless of how many people support you and remind you that you’ve had a full on, heavy learning, great year – that lone voice who tries to put you down always hits home.

This year I have worked incredibly hard at something I love and truly believe is worthwhile.  I have done it because I want to share this with other people, so they get, and feel, the benefits I have.  I have done this with a desire to inspire others to start their own journey with Yoga, and discover all the benefits a mindful practice can give them.  This for my adult students, and hopefully as time moves on, more and more adolescents.  That is all.

We live in a world where so many people are truly burdened with their own insecurities, anxieties and self- doubt.  However for a few it seems when they see someone else trying to move beyond their own anxieties and fears, take control of their lives and livelihoods and move forward, well, they probably need a knock back don’t they?  No, actually, they don’t.   We all need to start cheering people on who take initiatives, who try something new, put themselves in vulnerable positions, and who want to keep learning and growing.  And just maybe those people can act as an inspiration, motivation or banner that shows there is a path that leads beyond insecurity and self doubt to greater self-enrichment.

I had a phone call with one of my teachers this week as well (post other conversations) and I came away with a list of things to do, focus on, get moving towards, a little jolt to the system – that put the negativity to rest.

So, I guess the takeaway from this blog is – What (or who) Inspires You?

This year for me it’s simple – my teachers.

Namaste x

*The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – translated by Sri Swami Satchidananda



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